Our Team

Our Team


Ryan Wang

CEO & Founder

After graduating Ryerson University with a BFA, Ryan has worked on many major and indie budget productions in China, as a Director and Director of Photography. Seeing that motion control can often be complicated, time consuming and expensive, Ryan started Mag-Z with all productions in mind. He and his partner in China designed the Atom to make motion control more enjoyable for all DP’s and Directors

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Adam Cummerford

With his early years playing with cameras, and working as a theatre technician at Red Deer, Alberta’s Matchbox theatre he was offered his first job in film as a focus puller on a TV show. He still doesn’t understand how it happened. He’s since been an active member in the film industry as long as he can remember working in different cities across Canada. The 27 year old currently currently resides in Toronto working alongside some of the industries greatest talents.

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John Tarver CSC

Born in New York City, raised in Alberta, Canada. When a close call convinced him that the Ski Patrol was not a career for him, he went to film school at The University of Southern California, where he was awarded the Kodak Scholarship in

Cinematography. Continually active as a Director of Photography, he is also currently an instructor.

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Rob Duckworth

IATSE 667. Using any camera he could find, Rob had a passion for filmmaking from a young age. After graduating from Niagara College in 2013 for film studies, and then joining IATSE 667, his passion has only grown. When asked to be a part of the MAG-Z team Rob was thrilled and honoured to have an opportunity to use his creative vision on such a limitless machine. Rob understands the process of production and will be able to accommodate you accordingly.

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David Daniloff


David Daniloff is a film producer, business manager and marketing empresario who has been immersed in the business for 20 years, and who’s worked closely on dozens of productions and events with a multitude of industry veterans in North America and Europe such as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Ken Russell, John Waters, Karen Black, Wes Craven, George Romero, Crispin Glover, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento and John McNaughton to name a few. David’s many years of film and music industry knowledge, experience and connections shine through in all his goals, initiatives, business wisdom and creative endeavors. MAG-Z is proud to include David as an indispensable part of the internal team.

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Conor McNeilly

Tech Specialist & Creative Services

Conors roots come from a Fine Arts background. He applies vast knowledge of Art & Film History, along with his strong experience in Colour, Lighting, Iconography and Design to bring a fresh, creative and technical perspective on and off the screen at MAG-Z. Conor is the MAG-Z In-House ATOM and Studio Tech support system and Creative Service representative. Conor also produces everything from storyboards to creative shots by helping clients achieve innovation for feature film, music video, commercial projects and productions.

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Emma Bai

Human Resource Manager & Asian Regional Market Director

Emma studied at University of Toronto and Ryerson Univerisity. She specialized in Human Resource Management. Prior to working with Mag-Z, she operated her own tutoring firm and had experienced managing a business for 6 years. In 2016, she attended Beijing film academy to become a professional make up artist and has practiced for 2 years.

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Wade Xing

Regional Marketing Specialist
Wade Xing is an OCAD student who studies integrated media. He is super willing to dig into new areas for experiences and try to be as helpful as possible. He became a freelance graphic designer from 2016 and runs his personal brand since 2017. with the interest of art, he did a few projects on woodworking, concept projection installation and sound design. Wade also has some work experience in Chinese entertainment company. He is currently the graphic designer of MAG-Z Cinematography & Production, and passioning to both production and business.

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